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The Obamacare Fallacy

By Ben Hemphill It brings me great sorrow to see how many people have been misled about what exactly “Obamacare” means for them as individuals. Virtually every facet of the President’s legislation is not only bad for college students like you and me, but also for the entirety of the nation. At its core, Obamacare […]

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Gary Johnson: Minimum Government, Maximum Freedom

By Grant Meckley “The lesser of two evils is still evil.” This has become the battle cry of many disillusioned voters in a political environment where the major parties have done little to endear the undecided electorate. Many voters follow a path of broken logic saying they’ll pick the candidate they despise the least because […]

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Wednesday War Room: Mitt Romney and the Plan to Revive the Economy

As the economy remains a pivotal factor in the voters’ decision-making process, Wednesday War Room takes an in-depth look at how the two candidates, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, plan to address current economy issues in their respective campaigns. The focus will be on three areas: setting the right taxes, addressing debts, and creating […]

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Wednesday War Room: Barack Obama and the Economy


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Oppa Gangnam Style!

                                      By Victoria Scrima Most of you may have seen the catchy, entertaining, and unique recent YouTube hit, “Oppa Gangnam Style,” a music video that gained instantaneous fame with 220 million and counting views following its July […]

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Worth an Upgrade?

The wait is over. The new iPhone 5 finally hit the shelves Friday, Sept. 21. Hardcore fans of Apple products might already have their hands on this latest gadget while others are still left with the decision: is the iPhone 5 really worth it? Like all things under the sun, the iPhone 5 comes with […]

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It’s Different and I Couldn’t be Happier

By Jeremy Jensen When I decided on Messiah College, I was ecstatic about the chance to leave the drama and confusion of high school behind and join a real community of students. I seriously doubt I am alone. Fortunately, there is no need to add a “but” to the end of that sentence. Messiah is […]

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Musings of a Transfer Student

 By Abigail Ferenczy         Ah, the joys of being a transfer student. Just when you think you’re getting the hang of one school, it’s on to another. When the college I attended sophomore year made drastic changes to their communications program, I knew it was time to seek out a new institution. […]

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Wednesday War Room: An Introduction


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Student Stress During Finals Week

Alyssa Burd Student Writer Finals week is rapidly approaching and almost every student at Messiah College is beginning to experience […]

Jon Bellion’s Performance At Wednesday’s B-Sides

Rose Talbot Student Writer Last Wednesday, Jon Bellion played in a B-Sides Concert. Bellion is a singer-songwriter and record producer […]

Local Breeches rope swing comes down after ongoing problems

Joel Hoover Editor-in-Chief David Yoder had always been fond of seeing people have a good time playing in the Yellow […]

Week at a Glance: April 27-May 3

Joel Hoover Editor-in-Chief Alternate Chapels A Peace Speech Contest featuring student speeches and a Q&A time facilitated by George Pickens, will be […]

Earthkeepers holding cleaning event for Earth Day

Joel Hoover Editor-in-Chief The Earthkeepers club will be holding a special cleaning event in celebration of today’s Earth Day. The […]

Fashion Column: Dress Fest

Bree Whitelock Opinions Editor Nothing shouts that warm weather is finally here more than pockets of girls spread throughout campus […]


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