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A View from the Outside: Advice for Graduating Seniors

By Katherine Todd Former Student Writer My last semester of college, I made a bucket list. I sat down with my roommate and talked about all the things I wish I had taken more advantage of: swimming in Messiah’s pool, pranking the Men’s Restoration house, visiting Philly. I whittled my checklist down to twenty ideas […]

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Social Justice and Social Media

By Dan Row Editor-in-Chief The social media revolution has brought a lot of good to the world. It has provided us a great boost in spreading information, increasing globalization, and providing general ease in many areas. However, along with these benefits come some very clear problems. One problem area is the activist groups on social […]

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Three Things I Wasn’t Told About Studying Abroad

By Grant Meckley Student Writer Anyone who has returned to Messiah after studying abroad in some distant corner of the world can relate to the utter banality that is being asked dozens of times: “how was your trip?” The ubiquity of this platitude may stem from the fact that awkward reunions with old friends after […]

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The Plunge of Animal Planet

By Jen Davies Student Writer Do you remember watching Animal Planet when you were young? Did you find the different animals fascinating? I’m sure that like me, you, too, were fascinated with the amazing creatures starring in shows like The Crocodile Hunter when Steve Irwin would gasp, “Ah, she’s a beaut, isn’t she,” as he […]

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The FDA and You

By  Nicholas Tay Features Editor The citizens of the United States are facing a plethora of health problems that threaten to become pandemic in the near future. Obesity is one such disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 35.7% of U.S. adults were obese in 2009-2010 while 16.9% of children and […]

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Capitol Beauty Studios: CoverGirl’s Mockery of the Hunger Games

By Lynda Heller Opinions Editor Susan Collins’ Hunger Game series may have been written for young teens, but it has been been enjoyed by a startlingly-large range of age groups. Because Collins paired an angst-filled love triangle, with some thrilling adventure, medieval weaponry, and dynamic settings, it is not hard to see why this series […]

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A Non-Western, Catholic Christmas

A recollection of Advent celebrations for a Catholic Malaysian student by Nicholas Tay Features Editor With the end of fall semester quickly approaching, many students look to the winter break as a time of relaxation and celebration of the Advent season. While Christmas is an essential component of the Protestant tradition, it plays a deep […]

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Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” Campaign

By Stephanie Wilson Why Dove’s “Real Beauty Campaign” Sketches are not Helping Women As I scrolled down my Facebook newsfeed a couple weeks ago, I kept seeing the same video pop up on my friends’ walls. In their descriptions of the video, called “Dove Real Beauty Sketches, my friends were saying things like “always remember […]

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In Defense of the Calorie: Why No Food is “Bad” or “Good”

By Erin Royer We should stop viewing calories as the enemy and start viewing them as the little units energy that they are. With the summer months coming and warm weather approaching, it is not uncommon for both men and women to begin paying attention to their diets in order to shape up for the […]

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Military Drones and the French Foreign Legion

By Grant Meckley Drones are changing warfare as we know it, and not in any good way. The French Foreign Legion was a curious elite military unit because in order to join one could not be a citizen of France. The Legion, founded in 1838 but still accepting applications today, draws its manpower from foreigners. […]

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Student Stress During Finals Week

Alyssa Burd Student Writer Finals week is rapidly approaching and almost every student at Messiah College is beginning to experience […]

Jon Bellion’s Performance At Wednesday’s B-Sides

Rose Talbot Student Writer Last Wednesday, Jon Bellion played in a B-Sides Concert. Bellion is a singer-songwriter and record producer […]

Local Breeches rope swing comes down after ongoing problems

Joel Hoover Editor-in-Chief David Yoder had always been fond of seeing people have a good time playing in the Yellow […]

Week at a Glance: April 27-May 3

Joel Hoover Editor-in-Chief Alternate Chapels A Peace Speech Contest featuring student speeches and a Q&A time facilitated by George Pickens, will be […]

Earthkeepers holding cleaning event for Earth Day

Joel Hoover Editor-in-Chief The Earthkeepers club will be holding a special cleaning event in celebration of today’s Earth Day. The […]

Fashion Column: Dress Fest

Bree Whitelock Opinions Editor Nothing shouts that warm weather is finally here more than pockets of girls spread throughout campus […]


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