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Fashion Column: Dress Fest

Bree Whitelock Opinions Editor Nothing shouts that warm weather is finally here more than pockets of girls spread throughout campus wearing their favorite summer-themed dresses. If you thought nothing’s been easier since the grab-n-go section of the Union, then you haven’t experienced “fab-n-go”. The simplicity of the modern dress is an essential necessity to any […]

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Five Questions To Ask About Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Daniel Eckert Student Writer According to NPR, Hillary Clinton will make her bid for the 2016 presidency on Sunday. While Hillary has long been considered a strong choice for a candidate, this early announcement is both confusing and fraught with questions. Here are the top five questions we should be asking about the Hillary campaign. […]

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Fashion Column: Stripped down to the basics

Bree Whitelock Opinions Editor As the winter layers are slowly being stripped away, we find ourselves searching for those outfit staples that will help us transition smoothly from one season to the next. Stripes might be just what you are looking for, as they can be the focal point of the outfit or only a […]

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Fashion Column [Easter Edition]: Chubby Bunny

Bree Whitelock Opinions Editor It is springtime and all through the campus a fashionable trend is ringing in. As the warmer weather dawns and the skies come out, the thighs come out, too. Chubbies is a brand of shorts that has marketed themselves with the model of a minimal-inch seem, allowing excessive thigh exposure and […]

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Fashion Column: Pictures Worth Printing

Bree Whitelock Opinions Editor What is fashion without the ability to play around with patterns and prints, proving that solid colors are only fun for so long? The weather this time of year has not quite accepted the changing of seasons, so let’s play around with our colors, like the weather’s been playing with our […]

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Single Swag: “You’re Such A Great Friend”

Livia Ungurean Student Writer “You’re such a great friend.” Those are the words that make your stomach drop when the person you’re interested in declares your relationship as a friendship. It’s that struggle where one person hopes to be more than just friends, while the other has no intention for anything other than friendship. Sometimes […]

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Fashion Column: In”vest”ing in a spring wardrobe

Bree Whitelock Opinions Editor Spring might be around the corner (it is next week if you have not checked your calendar), but winter attire is not ready to be packed away quite yet. The transitional phase between seasons can prove challenging or even awkward, but it certainly does not have to be! Vests are a […]

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Minds Matter Column: Because they trust in you

Paige Harkey Student Writer “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” Isaiah 26:3 Suicide, the eighth-leading cause of death for all Americans, is the second-leading cause of death for college-age individuals. Mental illness, in general, is experienced by one-fifth of college students. Suicide is just one […]

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Powerhouse: Why you should get pumped

Bree Whitelock Opinions Editor Chapel credit is not offered, socialization is kept to a minimum, and it takes place on a busy weeknight, but students still continue to pack Hostetter Chapel each and every Thursday night like clockwork. What makes an hour long evening of weekly worship so worth it to students? “The buildup of […]

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Fashion Column: Pop of Color

Bree Whitelock Opinions Editor Winter weather, especially the weather the northeast has recently gotten hit with, makes the campus atmosphere seem slightly dreary and lackluster. A simple solution to dark winter days is a pop of color in your normal outfit routine! Color is pleasing to the eye and something typically shied away from until […]

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Student Stress During Finals Week

Alyssa Burd Student Writer Finals week is rapidly approaching and almost every student at Messiah College is beginning to experience […]

Jon Bellion’s Performance At Wednesday’s B-Sides

Rose Talbot Student Writer Last Wednesday, Jon Bellion played in a B-Sides Concert. Bellion is a singer-songwriter and record producer […]

Local Breeches rope swing comes down after ongoing problems

Joel Hoover Editor-in-Chief David Yoder had always been fond of seeing people have a good time playing in the Yellow […]

Week at a Glance: April 27-May 3

Joel Hoover Editor-in-Chief Alternate Chapels A Peace Speech Contest featuring student speeches and a Q&A time facilitated by George Pickens, will be […]

Earthkeepers holding cleaning event for Earth Day

Joel Hoover Editor-in-Chief The Earthkeepers club will be holding a special cleaning event in celebration of today’s Earth Day. The […]

Fashion Column: Dress Fest

Bree Whitelock Opinions Editor Nothing shouts that warm weather is finally here more than pockets of girls spread throughout campus […]


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