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gustafsonAssociate Professor of Health and Human Performances, Dr. Jim Gustafson, will also be retiring this spring after forty-two years of teaching. He has taught physical education at Messiah College, along with coaching the wrestling team from 1973-1991.

He has tried to be a good example in his teaching and expresses how God has given him a love for his students. Each interaction is cherished. Gustafson reminds students to live a life serving God, as he strives to do.

“We have an awesome God and our desire should be to serve him, please him and glorify him,” Gustafson said. “If we are trying to do that in our lives and focusing on that, you can’t go wrong. God might put us through some things that we prefer not to go through, but as long as He’s with us we can’t lose. We know who’s going to win the final four, and that’s going to be Jesus.”


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