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According to NPR, Hillary Clinton will make her bid for the 2016 presidency on Sunday. While Hillary has long been considered a strong choice for a candidate, this early announcement is both confusing and fraught with questions. Here are the top five questions we should be asking about the Hillary campaign.

1. What will she run on?

This is not the first time America has seen Hillary run for office. In 2008, she competed against an and ultimately bowed out for Barack Obama. In exchange, she received a Secretary of State nomination.

During 2008, Hillary ran on a primarily populist campaign, but she exhibited trouble staying on message and connecting with a younger audience. In this campaign, Democrats should be wondering what her message will be. Will it be more populist, or will it take a new approach similar to President Obama’s?

2. Will she be opposed?

Thus far, the Democratic party has seemed content with a Hillary non-opposed primary. There have been grumbling from non-candidates such as Joseph Biden, but Hillary is the only serious contender. The failure to recruit Elizabeth Warren, a viable candidate, seems to support the concept that the Democrats are avoiding any confusion as to who their choice is. Is this a brilliant act of solidarity or a misstep which will come back to haunt the Democrats?

3. Who will run with her?

With no real primary opposition, who will run on Hillary’s ticket? Some speculation points to Elizabeth Warren, but one wonders whether America could vote for two women on one ticket. Perhaps the former governor of Maryland? However, it is more than likely that the vice-presidential nominee will fulfill the age-old duty of the vice-president, i.e. securing a state that the Democratic party needs to win an election.

4. Can she defeat a Republican candidate?

With the Republican nominee most likely being Rand Paul or Jeb Bush, one must question Hillary’s ability to woo Republican and Independent voters. Both Bush and Paul will face significant resistance, but early poles make them most likely to come out on top within the Republican primary. Hillary will need to combat the established nature of the Bush family, as well as the millennial appeal of Paul.

5. Why so early?

One of the biggest questions this announcement raises is why Clinton is running so early. With very little internal opposition, Hillary’s announcement will do little more that unite the Republican primary candidates against her. While the Democrats could have waited strategically, allowing for a Republican primary massacre (a la’2008 & 2012), Clinton has instead opted for a preemptive strike, joining the debates early. However, there seems to be no reason for this. She is not in danger of losing campaign funding, nor does she need to make a name for herself in a primary battle. Why so early, Hillary?

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