Powerhouse: Why you should get pumped

Bree Whitelock
Opinions Editor

Chapel credit is not offered, socialization is kept to a minimum, and it takes place on a busy weeknight, but students still continue to pack Hostetter Chapel each and every Thursday night like clockwork. What makes an hour long evening of weekly worship so worth it to students?

“The buildup of stress during the week and the release of stress Powerhouse allows is incomparable,” explained sophomore Nate Elder when asked about his weekly Powerhouse experience.

For a lot of students, Powerhouse is a time to forget weekly worries, put phones away and studying aside and give time to God.

According to the Messiah College website, “What was originally a small Bible study group that met at the chapel has now grown into a large student worship team complete with many students who have been willing to contribute their talents.”

“I like Powerhouse because it’s a good study break and I like to worship Jesus,” shares junior Andrew Joy.

Senior Megan Dobinson echoes Joy’s comment saying she usually comes “for a mental break and refresher.”

As college students, busy lives are inevitable, especially during the week with a pileup of unfinished homework and various activities and meetings to attend. All of this should come second to finding time with God, but sometimes that is not the case.

“Ultimately, Powerhouse is more than just another weekly event that students attend on campus,” says Messiah’s webpage. “Powerhouse is a diverse community, fueled by a passion for God, that comes together each week to ignite one another in praise and worship of the Lord through shared music and prayer.”

“Playing the drums for worship is personally my favorite way to worship God!” said sophomore Alex Reinhard, drummer for Powerhouse. “When I’m not playing the drums for Powerhouse, I still love to attend because of the great atmosphere to worship in.”

A good way to phrase the goal of Powerhouse is “weekly worship for the weak”. We need to be reminded of what, or more importantly, Who is helping us conquer the stress that comes with a college student’s schedule.

The theme for Powerhouse this year is “Overflow.” We cannot expect to pour out God’s blessings into others if we are not allowing him to first pour into us. Powerhouse has become an hour for students to be reminded and filled with the presence of God. Personally, I become “pumped” for Powerhouse each week, knowing my gas tank is running close to empty. By Thursday, I am ready to let God’s grace fill me once again.

As a student-lead organization, Powerhouse captures the essence of those students who are thirsting for God, and I encourage those who have never been to Powerhouse or have not come in a while to come receive the gift of renewal.

Powerhouse takes place every Thursday from 8:30-9:30pm in Hostetter Chapel!

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