A before (L) and after (R) of the Engle Center's self-care station, which underwent a recent renovation. The new room also includes an iPad for students to access a symptom check through WebMD.

A before (L) and after (R) of the Engle Center’s self-care station, which underwent a recent renovation. The new room also includes an iPad for students to access a symptom check through WebMD.

By Joel Hoover

At a time of year where sickness is prevalent on college campuses, Messiah’s Engle Center has made an update to one of its most important resources for student care.

It even has a dose of school spirit added for decoration.

The self-care station at the Engle Center has undergone a recent renovation to make the self-care process easier and more inviting for visiting student patients. A new mini-locker system with necessary health care items has replaced the old clear bins that used to hold such items on the wall. Additionally, an iPad with WebMD’s health app has been substituted for the former computer and keyboard that gave such online access before.

Nurse practitioner Betsey Miller had the original idea to give a facelift to the area so it would be easier to both find items and read the information.

“It was just kind of outdated,” says Shelley Lucas, the Coordinator of Health Services. “Betsey had an idea to update it so people will come in and see it.”

A wide variety of health items are provided at the station, including ibuprofen, Tylenol, cough drops, and cold medication. Hydrocortisone cream is also available for skin issues, along with thermometers to check temperature, Band-Aids for cuts, and a scale to monitor weight.

“(It has) all the self care things you can think of that they might need,” says Miller of the station. If they take something, visitors only need to fill out a small form for turning in at the front desk.

Visitors are also advised to take just a day’s worth of medication.

The iPad at the back of the room has a WebMD app pulled up for students to access symptom information in order to discover what their condition may be and how to treat it.

Decorated with blue paint and a Messiah banner and liner, the room also includes educational materials on the wall and door. These rotating topics address health issues that are timely and relevant to students, including the flu, stress, and nutrition among others.

The early responses to the station revamp have generally been positive. Engle workers say that “15 to 20-plus” students stop by the station on a daily basis, and have left positive feedback on the room’s update. Colds have been the most frequent reason for visit, with headaches and cramps also common cases.

Another piece of important information on the station given by the Engle Center staff?

“It’s all free…college students love free stuff.”

The Engle Center’s offices are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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