The Night Razors are already shooting to break another World Record on their scooters. (Photo courtesy of Ben Baker.)

The Night Razors are already shooting to break another World Record on their scooters. (Photo courtesy of Ben Baker.)

By Kristen Schuyler
Student Writer

Breaking a Guinness World Record can be a much more complicated process than it might seem.

The Night Razors are a group of current and former Messiah students who connected through their common interest of riding kick scooters around campus. The difference between the Night Razors and any other college kick scooter group is that these guys are out to put their skills to use to make a difference in the world.

Last May, the Night Razors decided they would see if they could successfully break a world record. The one they chose was the longest distance traveled by scooter within 24 hours. The previous record had been set in Australia and concluded in traveling 336 miles. The Night Razors ended up with a total distance of 344 miles.

This year, the team has a new item on the agenda: greatest distance traveled on a slip n’ slide in one hour. Breaking this record consists of acquiring a 125 foot long slip n’ slide, riding a cumulative distance of at least 26 miles, and receiving a multitude of volunteers willing to participate.

“Each person sent down the slide counts for that distance,” Louis Gallo, one of the members of the Night Razors, explained. “We need all the help we can get! The more people the better.”

Their record-breaking attempt is planned for May 2, 2015 at Camp Conquest in Denver, Pennsylvania. The Night Razors plan to have this event to be community-oriented, so everyone is welcome to come out and spend the day with them.

The team has acknowledged that financial help is always welcome in order to attempt the record. Funds raised will also support the Living Legacy Foundation (LLF) of Maryland.

The Night Razors have been actively involved in raising money and awareness for the foundation. The LLF provides organs and tissue for those who are in need, as well as family support and counseling. Night Razors member Ben Baker received a liver transplant through the organization three years ago. The Night Razors have raised $6,500 for the organization so far, and plan to continue their partnership with them.

Even after transferring to Temple University, Baker is still actively involved in the endeavors of the group. Plans are continuing to be made for future world records.

“We want to do good for our community and do it in a creative way,” Baker said. “The Night Razors want to be known for giving in a different way to show God’s kingdom.”

The group encourages their fellow Messiah students to stay tuned for upcoming events.

The Night Razors have encouraged students and community members to attend the slip n’ slide event for moral support, even if they cannot participate. You can sign up via their Facebook page “Night Razors” or get in contact with them by email at

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    very inspiring , every effort would be to provide maximum results , good luck always

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