Fashion Column: Sunday Fun-day

Sophomore Justin Eby (L) keeps things
comfortable and classy in his church attire
while First-year Kurtis Eby (R) takes a more
classic approach.
Sophomore Justin Eby (L) keeps things comfortable and classy in his church attire while First-year Kurtis Eby (R) takes a more classic approach.
Sophomore Kelly Gordon puts a new spin
on church attire with her modern look.
Sophomore Kelly Gordon puts a new spin on church attire with her modern look.

By Bree Whitelock
Opinions Editor

Other than a day full of church-goers, chicken cordon bleu, and football, Sunday is another day for Messiah students to show off their fashion game.

During the chaotic school week, it’s not unusual for homework to be put before high fashion. On Sundays, students have the ability to relax and put a little more time and effort into what they choose to wear to church. While loving God isn’t about looking your best, Sundays still provide an opportunity for students to wear outfits they have not had the chance to pull out during busy and sometimes muddled weeks.

Sophomore Justin Eby and First-year Kurtis Eby both presented themselves in Sunday church attire, picture-perfect for the occasion. Sporting a sweater paired with whitewashed jeans, Justin found a way to tie comfortable in with chic. Jeans are commonly used to dress down for an event, but in this case, the pants provided the perfect blank slate to pull the sweater out as the focal point.

Kurtis wore khakis for a more classic look, partnering them with a two-toned button down shirt, for a seamless heir of sophistication. Both pieces brought the outfit together, complimenting each other rather than competing. Khakis are a great choice when trying to dress an outfit up without having to go to lengths of wearing a suit and tie to church.

Justin chose to pull his outfit together with a neutral colored pair of vans, allowing the outfit to make a statement of its own. Whereas, Kurtis’ shoes seemed to pull the outfit together, drawing the onlooker’s eyes from top to bottom of the ensemble. Both variations work well, and side by side show their effect on the outfit as a whole.

For girls, the common norm of “dressing up” for church implies exactly that by wearing a dress, but it does not have to. Sophomore Kelly Gordon expanded her hipster horizon by wearing a black pair of harem pants with a loose fitting chambray shirt. The two pieces partnered together proved that you can still be dressy with alternatives separate from a skirt or dress. The scarf helped to give the outfit the pop of color it needed without overdoing the overall look.

Gordon’s unique shoe choice help draw the eye from head to toe of the outfit as well. The cutouts in her shoes also benefit in breaking up the black on black effect of the shoes and pants, helping them to work well together.

Explaining her church outfit, Gordon said, “I like that I have the ability to be able to get dressed up and respect God in that way, but it goes beyond just that. On Sundays I have a reason to wear whatever I want, for a date with Jesus, knowing he won’t care about my appearance. And if I want to dress up, then I can.”

Reflecting on 1 Samuel 16:7, “…For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart,” Gordon reflects this in her take on Sunday church attire.

While a large part of what we wear is for personal gratification from peers, fashion is a fun form of self-expression, and an evident part of Sunday’s at Messiah.

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