Back in black: Supernatural returns for season 10 on the CW

By Olivia La Bianca
Student Writer

The Winchester brothers are back, and the road is darker than ever as the tenth season of the CW’s Supernatural returns to the air.

The show has a knack for ending on a cliffhanger, but fans were even more shocked than usual at the end of the ninth season. In an epic battle with the rogue angle Metatron, Dean (Jensen Ackles) was brutally and tragically murdered, only to be resurrected by the King of Hell as a black-eyed demon. Sam was left alone, vowing to save his brother from a fate worse than death.

Of course, the tune is old and familiar by this time. Death in and of itself is no longer a frightening thing for the Winchesters –or for the fans. The brothers and numerous other central characters have been brought back to life from seemingly inextricable circumstances time after time.

This leaves producer, Jeremy Carver and his posse of writers to come up ways to up the ante. This has included but is not limited to selling one’s soul, being possessed by vindictive angels, jumping into the pit of hell itself, and coming back to life soulless. Now, in perhaps the most tricky situation yet, Dean Winchester has become a demon.

Well, sort of . . .

As we find out in “Black”, the first episode of the tenth season which premiered on Oct. 7, Dean is only “mostly” demon. He is still at war with himself, or so it seems, his human side battling for a final foothold. This gives Sam (Jared Padalecki) and the fans reason to hope that maybe this horrible situation can finally be reversed after a few gut-wrenchingly sad and morbid episodes.

Or is that what the fans want? For years now, “Deanmon”has been the subject of fan fiction and fan art. Images of Dean exhibiting the iconic black eyes of the demonic underworld have been popping up online throughout the seasons. Now it’s finally happened and, honestly, Deanmon is kind of impressive.

As episode two “Reichenbach”shows in the battle between the elder Winchester brother and a new human nemesis intent on revenge, Dean’s moves are quicker, his lines cut deeper, his snark is snarkier, and –let’s face it –he is pretty darn hot. Would fans, myself included, be eternally condemned if we maybe wanted him to stay a demon for a little bit longer?

Of course, his return to humanity is inevitable. On the 21st, released a spoiler, saying that Sam does manage to cure Dean. Faithful viewers really cannot be surprised by this, as the writers always manage to bring around a semi-satisfying (if often somewhat-strained) resolution to the brothers’mutual temporary worse-than-death-ness. In this case, we already got a preview of what it takes to cure a demon in the finale of season eight.

As fans, we are used to Supernatural’s numerous plot lines stretching our temporary suspension of disbelief to the breaking point. We are familiar with scenes of tearful brotherly reunions after seemingly insurmountable odds kept them apart for far too long (Sera Gamble, we’re all looking at you). We know that, no matter what happens, the brothers will be back on the road again, together. We trust our actors, writers, and directors to do right by us. Meanwhile, why not sit back and watch the show?

Tune into the CW on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. or visit the CW website for the latest Supernatural episodes. Seasons 1-9 are also available through Netflix.

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