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Hispanic Heritage Month

Elizabeth Gutman Student Writer National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated annually from September 15th to October 15th. This part of the year is set aside for Americans to commemorate the families whose ancestors originated from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, as well as Central and South America. Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th president of the United […]

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Sustainability Office: What Do They Do?

Alyssa Burd Student Writer Have you ever noticed the little office tucked in the corner just outside the Falcon? This office is for Sustainability and, although it may look small, it’s definitely accomplishing big things on campus! According to their website, the Messiah College Sustainability Office serves to “…foster a sense of place at home […]

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Nicholas Kristof Comes To Messiah

Rose Talbot Student Life Editor Monday, October 5, was a historic day for journalism aficionados at Messiah College. Why? Two words: Nicholas Kristof. If you haven’t heard of him before, allow me to give you a little run-down. Kristof is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner (think the Golden Globe of the journalism profession). He has […]

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4 Tips to Stress Less

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Erin Zakin Student Writer Despite our best efforts, stress is a side effect of life that no one can avoid. College students are told time after time to lower stress levels, yet we still stay up in the library as late as possible with our large caffeinated beverages, getting much less sleep than the recommended […]

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Fall Photo Shoot Tips

Jenna Stover Student Writer As the leaves spend their time changing colors, who doesn’t want to capture the swiftly changing and vast array of colors in a photograph with friends? What better location to do exactly that than on the covered bridge or the area surrounding the breeches, with its canopy of trees and portrait […]

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40th Annual Canoe-A-Thon

Bree Whitelock Online Editor Recognized as the “most epic canoe-a-thon” yet, 45 Messiah students, parents and trip leaders embarked on a 20-mile journey down the yellow breeches this past Saturday. “The Canoe-a-thon is an annual event that involves a 20 mile-long canoe trip down the Yellow Breeches to the Susquehanna River to raise money to […]

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Oregon School Shooting Sparks Further Gun Control Talk

Alyssa Burd Student Writer Yet another tragic school shooting occurred on October 1st, 2015 at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, […]

Royce Morris Speaks at Black Student Union Event

Kelly Webber Student Writer This past Thursday, Attorney Royce Morris addressed the topic of race at the Black Student Union […]

Giving it All, and Giving up Nothing: A Goalie’s Journey

Mason McFee Student Writer Two weeks is all she had. Two weeks to transition from a role as the starting […]

Part One: Christ-Minded Feminism

Jen Morgan Student Writer When the word “feminism” is uttered, it tends to have mixed results. Instead of associating the […]

Messiah Student Anthony Johnson EP Release

Mimi Pedercini Culture Editor The wait is finally over. Junior Anthony Johnson will be releasing his debut EP Note to […]

October Movie Releases

October has begun with a series of rainy days. Instead of spending long hours playing Frisbee on Bittner Beach, many […]


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