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Lottie and the Falcon to Close for Construction

Madeline Crocenzi Summer Director The Falcon will be closed tomorrow through Sunday, August 16th to undergo a remodel. The renovation will include new paint, floors, furniture, and arts and graphics. It will re-open for breakfast on Monday, August 17th at 7:30 a.m. Lottie will also close beginning Monday, August 10th through Sunday, August 16th due […]

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New Chapel Program to Begin this Fall

Madeline Crocenzi Summer Director Messiah College Ministries will be changing the chapel program beginning this fall 2015 semester. There will be three different worship services offered throughout the week on Tuesday mornings, Tuesday evenings, and Thursday mornings. Tuesday morning worship will continue to be held in Brubaker. It will feature contemporary worship in a large […]

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Five Things to Tell Your First-Year Self

Madeline Crocenzi Summer Director There are always those moments we look back on and wonder what we were possibly thinking. It’s hard not to cringe when you look back at that bad haircut and Facebook post you thought was so clever. You, like me, probably made other questionable decisions over the years, whether it’s seeing how […]

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Messiah Community Discusses Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: The Future

Madeline Crocenzi Summer Director The same-sex marriage ruling has impacted many states that previously banned same-sex marriage. Although same-sex marriage has been legal in Pennsylvania since May of 2014, some have questioned how the new ruling will impact Messiah. Provost Randall Basinger says the policies and the Community Covenant were put in place before he […]

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Messiah Community Discusses Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: The Present

Madeline Crocenzi Summer Director On June 26th, the Supreme Court ended the ban on same-sex marriage, making it legal in all fifty states. The ruling has been met by a wide variety of opinions, with students at Messiah College being no exception. Messiah’s own institutional policy is rooted in the Brethren in Christ tradition. The […]

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Messiah Community Discusses Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: The Past

Madeline Crocenzi Summer Director Messiah College was founded in 1909 on the traditions and values of the Brethren in Christ Church. Those values are reflected in the Community Covenant, an agreement that outlines the behavioral expectations for all members of the Messiah community. The Covenant forbids many sinful practices such as drunkenness, profanity, and sexual […]

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Murray Library Staff Offers Diverse Summer Reads: Part 2

Madeline Crocenzi Summer Director Have you been looking for a good book to read this summer? It can be difficult to […]

Messiah College and the Supreme Court Ruling

On June 26th, The Supreme Court of the United States ended the ban on same-sex marriage in all fifty states. […]

Murray Library Staff Offer Diverse Summer Reads

Madeline Crocenzi Summer Director Summer is a great time to catch up on some reading. After packing up those textbooks, […]

Ben Taylor Leaves Messiah for New Opportunity

Madeline Crocenzi Summer Director Six years ago Ben Taylor took a job as a Resident Director at Messiah College. Since […]

The Swinging Bridge Magazine: May 2015

Student Stress During Finals Week

Alyssa Burd Student Writer Finals week is rapidly approaching and almost every student at Messiah College is beginning to experience […]


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